about me

Breejn is Brenda. A 29-year-old visual artist from the Netherlands. “Breejn” is pronounced as ‘brain’, and is a blend between the word brain and my name Brenda.

I started my freelancing career right when I graduated college in 2012. In the early years, I was mainly focused on multimedia design. Making cool videos, motion graphics and designing a website here and there – I wanted to create as many things as possible. As the years passed, I became more and more interested in graphic design and illustration, and back in 2017, I decided to slightly veer of my ‘multi medial’ career path. I followed my heart by picking up on my old hobby and decided to switch my business field to illustration.


personal information

Brenda Lamers
01 September 1990
Vierlingsbeek, Noord Brabant, Netherlands
brenda@breejn.nl (personal)
info@breejn.nl (business)
06 122 00 728



2007 – 2012
Bachelor of ICT,
Communication and Multimedia Design
Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen
content design – user experience – storytelling – interaction design – digital media productions



2017 – Current
Freelance Illustrator
Breejn, Vierlingsbeek
graphic design – print – digital illustration – branding – product design

2012 – 2017
Freelance Multimedia Designer
Breejn, Vierlingsbeek
branding – promotional material – motion graphics – videography – photography

Graduate Internship
Knaek Promotions BV., Utrecht
Thesis on brand loyalty among students + content creation based on thesis results
research – videography – graphic design – motion graphic design

2010 -2011
Music Maker Media Group, Arnhem
Thesis on the added value of digital content in addition to the existing magazines + content creation for websites
research – videography – online advertisements – gamification



Hard skills / I’m a Dutch native, but am also fluent in English, both written and verbal. I’ve been using Adobe programmes since 2006, and am very familiar with Adobe CC. I mostly use Photoshop and Draw for my work, but also know my way around After Effects, Illustrator and Premiere Pro. During my years in college I’ve learned the basics of HTML, CSS, PHP and JS, and I’ve been using those to keep my WordPress website up and running.

Soft skills / Over the years I’ve gotten quite good with juggling deadlines and keeping my planning up-to-date and organised, but as a freelance illustrator, being creative is my biggest and strongest skill. I like to consider myself a kid-at-heart who can get very excited about little things, like talking about my interests or latest works. I’m a fast thinker and quick learner, and I find it very important to learn new things to improve my work.



Professional interests / graphic design – print – digital illustration – social media – branding & identity – creative concept design – user experience – storytelling – advertising

Personal interests photography – travel – vegetarianism – craft beer – progressive rock/metal music – art & museums – coffee – soccer